The Artist

For many years, the renowned and popular German entertainer CHRIS Kolonko has presented unique solo shows, variety shows, and gala events. And in all these years – as an artist as well as a director and artistic director – he has again and again surprised the audience, producers and clients with an extraordinary amount of creativity, versatility and professionalism. During his shows he never leaves the stage but changes costumes and wigs in front of the audience. He turns from one beautiful lady into another and the audience soon forgets that there is a male entertainer behind all these perfect ladies. He is glamorous, beautiful, gifted and sophisticated in a way that enthuses the crowd.

But not only did he persuade producers of his entertaining skills, he also proved to be a great director. As a result, big entertainment companies like Roncalli and PALAZZO entrusted him with casting and creating shows in their behalf – many of them became major hits.

His success onshore then brought forward countless engagements on cruise ships. Companies like Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten, TUI Cruises, Phoenix Seereisen, Norwegian Cruise Lines and many others booked his breathtaking feature-length shows. Also at sea, he was not only assigned to present his solo shows but to bring whole casts in order to produce variety and musical shows.

CHRIS Kolonko is able to perform his solo shows in German as well as in English. He is one of the most impressive artists of his genre: always sexy and alluring, but at the same time glamorous and sophisticated! He has that certain something on stage that makes people fall for him.

His shows can be adapted according to the size of the event, venue and expected audience. The same applies for the line-up of musicians performing with him. He has arrangements for trios, combos as well as big bands – everything is possible. If there are no musicians available, he can also perform with half-playback.

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